short term loans

Short Term Loans

Short term loans for business owners, property developers and investors. Fast loans for property purchase, extra working capital, urgent investment or business oportunity, cashflow or any viable business purpose. We do not require tax returns, do not check your credit file and do not require business financial records.

The important requirements for short term loans are security and exit strategy. You must have enough equity in your property as a security for the lender. An example for property security: You have a residential property valued at $500,000. There is also a mortgage of $200,000 on the property. This means your equity is $300,000. This equity is your security and you could obtain a short term loan up to 75 percent of your available equity, in this case that amount would be $275,000.

- Loans available from $25,000 to $10 Million +
- Loan terms from 1 month to 24 months

Acceptable security:
- 1st Mortgages
- 2nd Mortgages
- Caveats on Australian property.
- Additional security: Vehicles, boats, equipment, etc.

Interest rates from 0.8% per month to 10% per month, the rates depend on the loan amount, security, term and risk.

Other fees:
- application
- brokerage
- valuation
- legal

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Short term loans

Improving your financial situation with
debt consolidation is one of the available options.


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