property investment loans

Property Investment Loans

Between the US credit downgrade and ongoing crises inside the European Union, Australian investors have a right to be skittish. Although the Australian economy has stayed on its feet the last few years despite the global economic meltdown, many Australian investors still aren't ready to put their money back into the market. They would rather invest in something that depends less upon foreign politics and more on local conditions.

Why Property Investment is Still a Good Idea

Britain and Australia's housing markets have been called the “last two bubbles” left standing in the wake of the global economic meltdown that began with the implosion of the US housing market.

Regardless of whether the Australian bubble bursts or not, property investment is still a good idea. Those trying to cash in on the bubble might be disappointed when prices begin to fall, but savvy investors with a long-range plan can still profit from property investment. Here are two reasons why.

Rents Are Likely to Increase

As you consider whether or not you should pursue a property investment loan, you should know that prices in the rental market are predicted to increase in the upcoming years. Therefore, the traditional notion of buying a property on the cheap, waiting for the value to increase, then selling it off again might be at risk if the housing bubble bursts, but investment properties can still bear rental fruit. In other words, seek a property investment loan now, rent the property if the housing market begins to fall, and sell it for a nice profit when prices climb back up in a few more years.

The Global Financial Crisis May Bring Economic Refugees

It's happened before – disgruntled Europeans and Asians, unhappy with their own country's handling of the economy, move to Australia in droves to take advantage of better jobs and a more stable economic climate. Some experts on finding a property investment loan claim that now is the perfect time to buy an investment property in certain areas of the country. Even if the housing bubble bursts in general, the housing market may remain strong or even boom in certain regions where migrants choose to settle.

In short, it's still a great time to seek a property investment loan. Instead of being caught up in the excitement of high home prices, however, establish a smart, long-range plan about how you plan to profit from your investment.
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